STEPHEN GALBERTH is an interdisciplinary artist from Washington, D.C. Graduating with a BFA in Dance from Montclair State University, he has toured with Deeply Rooted, Antonio Brown Dance, Earl Mosley, Nathan Trice Rituals, 277 Dance Project, Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, Melissa Riker, and the Windmill Factory. Stephen's choreography has been presented at Dixon Place, the Martha Graham Studio, Triskelion Arts, SMUSH Gallery, Love is the Message, Orange Dance Festival, and several high schools in NJ. In 2019 Galberth founded theLAB by Artists of Color to be part of a more equitable future, as these artists are often denied the same opportunities as their white counterparts. theLAB is a platform for artists to share our stories in our own voices and are constantly seeking ways to promote, inspire, and highlight blackness as a positive. Through our Instagram, curated artists, monthly newsletter, and performance projects, we are fully committed to the communities we serve. He is currently dancing for Antonio Brown Dance, choreographing for The Public Theater Shakespeare Initiative, and was a 2020 Marketing Intern at Center for Performance Research.