What is theLAB?

theLAB by Artists of Color was founded to be part of a more equitable future, as these artists are often denied the same opportunities as their white counterparts. We are a platform for artists to share our stories in our own voices and are constantly seeking ways to promote, inspire, and highlight blackness as a positive. Through our Instagram, curated artists, monthly newsletter, and performance projects, we are fully committed to the communities we serve.


Our Goal

As a result of the global pandemic, theLAB’s focus has expanded beyond a choreography showcase. We will return to the stage in a safer tomorrow.


We are now inspired to serve as a virtual platform for artists.

Our History

theLAB was founded in 2019 as a choreography series. We held dance workshops, presented five choreographers, and performed an evening length work by SGalberth. This was made possible by the CHiRP Residency at County Prep High School under the direction of

Heather Warfel.

If you would like to contribute to our work,

please choose from the following:

For tax-deductible donations,

please email thelab.sgalberth@gmail.com.

it's BIGGER than me poster IG.png

In a critical time for social justice, we need our spirits lifted more than ever. And for people of color living in this country, we need to see ourselves in every seat possible. theLAB by Artists of Color presents “it’s BIGGER than me", an experimental short film on the black experience during the pandemic. This self-produced, collaborative work involves all artists of color including actors, dancers, and vocalists. This work explores the complexities of our present moment and presented virtually October 15th through the 25th, 2020.


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