theLAB PROMO (2019)

theLAB Presents Experiment A: Color Stories. This was made possible by the CHiRP Residency at County Prep High School under the direction of Heather Warfel.

THE PROCESS (2019) “Welcome to the Process. Check your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies here. Take a moment. I’ll wait.” 


POLITICAL VIEWS (2018) is an exploration of the political landscape of America. This work highlights significant events that changed American history, ranging from entertainment to trauma. 

PINK ELEPHANT (2018) is an emotional rollercoaster based on past real life experiences. As the piece progresses, personalities change and new energy surfaces as a result of run-of-the-mill encounters and a slow re-opening of old wounds. Pink Elephant is a work in progress that has been shown as excerpts at salons in NYC. 


M-A-RGIN (2016) is the exploration of a world ruled by human emotion. Within this perimeter, there are no separating qualities such as race, religion or sexuality. The creatures of this realm can only communicate through emotional vibrations. 



is a theatrical work that examines the unfair practice of paying female workers less than their male counterparts. These seven dancers will express the frustration of being a woman with no voice.